The Client

Profestate, now known as Commercial Property Management Agency Qatar, are a Doha-based company of chartered surveyors with over 20+ years of experience in the commercial and residential property sector.

Originally, we were approached by Burgess Commercial to help them update and keep alive their ageing website.

To do this, we set them up for new hosting and provided support to keep previous functionality working. When the client decided it was time to redesign the site, I took the opportunity to build the site on a new CMS with up-to-date technologies and custom functionality for listing and searching properties.

The client has been adding and selling properties successfully ever since.

Refresh Your Website

Here at Naseeb Qatar website designer, I’ve been producing cutting-edge professional web design for over a decade, and have seen significant advancements in website capability. I believe a responsive website design includes graphics, animations, copy, and functionality that will catch anyone’s eye.

Need to revive an old, decaying website? Bring in the design doctors now.

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