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I am a Google Ads Expert (previously known as Google “Adwords”) and I offer successful PPC advertising management for businesses and sole traders. I work with all types of Google Ads campaigns, including Google Shopping.

As a freelance Google Ads Consultant in Qatar I will work with you directly – via Team/Zoom, emails and calls. I don’t sub-contract work out, it will be me who you deal with at all times, and you’ll find I respond quickly to your emails.

As a new potential customer, I’ll arrange a free no obligation call or online meeting with you to find out more about your business and your requirements from Google Ads marketing. I’ll then provide a PPC digital marketing plan to send the right customers to your website, helping you achieve a great conversion rate and ROAS.


As well as working typical office hours, I am often available with prior arrangement to speak on evenings and weekends too.

Working as a freelance Google Ads specialist my prices are more competitive than those of a Google Ads agency in Qatar. I charge a fixed monthly price – determined by the size of the Google Ads management involved – with no fixed length contract period. I prefer to retain my clients by provided a good service with proven results.

All-in-one solution

Sarching for a Google Ads Expert? I gain great results, I’m easy to work with & my prices are affordable – much lower than Google Ads experts located in Qatar!

I will discuss with you your business objectives and will then create the most appropriate Google Ads campaigns to generate the most sales and leads for your click spend.
Making use of keyword planning tools I will comprehensively research appropriate search phrases that will help to drive relevant traffic to your website.
I will set up conversion tracking by linking Google Analytics to your Google Ads account, to identify the ads and keywords that create your sales an
Several times a week I will review your Google Ads campaigns and use data-driven insights improve your account’s performance so you’re paying less for more.

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