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Emails can be designed ready for distribution as a one-off campaign or as a template for use in multiple launches. The styling of the email can be created from scratch or based on an existing website or campaign

I can produce creative email marketing solutions that are spam-filter friendly and work with the technical restrictions of the myriad of email client software available.

I provide an online content management system for use with bespoke email newsletter templates that allows for regular newsletters to be produced and delivered ad-hoc by the client without further technical input.

Online management of the mailing list is also included along with an optional sign-up form for use on the client’s website that automatically adds new users to the mailing list and offers the ability for users to unsubscribe.

In addition, statistical reporting is available online to monitor recipient’s activity, such as how many views and which links within the email have been activated.

If you are interested in harnessing the power of email marketing please contact me for further information or a quote.

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