Image SEO Checklist

Image SEO Checklist
Image SEO is often overlooked, when we add an image to a CMS very few people consider the impact it could have on your website. 😬
A large image file size could cause loading times to double or even triple. 😱 Just like an image added and then reviewed on a desktop might not fit on the screen of a mobile device. πŸ˜–
🌟Image file names are relevant, with keywords included.
🌟ALT text is added to describe what the image is about.
🌟Keep the file size as small as possible.
🌟Use responsive images for different devices.
Make sure your images are optimised with our quick & easy checklist above. πŸ‘† Need more help with image optimisation? Get in touch with our friendly digital marketing team. πŸ“²
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